Friday, July 17, 2015

Dancing the Erasmus away

             If you ever wondered what's new in Timisoara and how international students cope with their Erasmus life, you have come upon the right page. We have your answer: on June 3rd, in West University of Timisoara's main hallway, our Erasmus students together with our volunteers managed to promote the mobility and the idea of interculturalism with some dance moves. The Biggest Erasmus Flashmob happened that day, and we had a blast!

It all has started with the sound of violine played by former ESN Timisoara's President and present ESN Romania's Vice President -- George Apostolescu, while our choreographer and friend Mohamed Irkousi (a.k.a Hamade)started to show off his contemporary dance moves on Avicii's Hey Brother song that you could hear in the background. Other students began to join Hamade and thus our flashmob has begun. It might sound easy, but we actually had some work to do to make this happen.

         The first one to come with the idea was our Vice President - Claudia Petruse, who fought hard to make this the best flashmob ever. Her idea was supported by White Steps Dance School and Hamade, who taught us the moves and was by our side at every single rehearsal out of 5 we had in total. At the very event there were aproximately 30 persons who took part in the flashmob -- Erasmus students, a couple of dancers from White Steps, and our ESN Timisoara volunteers. The aim of this flashmob was to promote and encourage the Erasmus+ mobility, as well as interculturalism. The evnt was also supported by West University of Timisoara's Department of International Relations.

We are thankful to every single person that supported and helped! Cheers! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

ESN Timisoara's Champions

       After winning the first edition of ESN Team in February in Sibiu, West University of Timisoara's Erasmus Students represented Romania in Krakow, Poland from were they have returned with a trophy!

       Krakow hosted this year the international ESN Team Championship, which took place during March 26-29. ESN Team is the biggest sports competition on an international level intended for Erasmus Incoming students of a college-degree education from the Erasmus+ members counties. With this occasion, Romania was represented by ESN Timisoara volleyball and football teams formed out of UVT Erasmus Incoming students. The two teams won first place and the ESN Team 2015 Trophy for football, and third place for volleyball. Our students ran against teams from 12 other European countries. Romania's Team won with a score of 4:0 with Esthonia, but only after winning Lithuania, ESN Allstars, and Denmark. 

ESN Team is an European project dedicated to Erasmus students, and seeks to promote sports activities among Erasmus students and ESN volunteers. ESN Timisoara Team participants were students from the Latin countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal).
The Champions were expected back home with a surprise Romanian-themed party to celebrate their victory. Congratulations, guys!! We are very proud of you!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Trinket for a Book

One of the most important projects initiated by ESN Timisoara is A Trinket for a Book. This project started three years ago and had a huge national and international success. This year the fourth edition was held. The workshopʼs goal from 20-23 March 2015 was meant to share Romanian traditions with Erasmus students, and to use their creativity in producing the trinkets. They created 400 trinkets along with ESN Timisoaraʼs volunteers, and on 25-27 March they sold the trinkets (priced at 5 lei) in special arranged booths in West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Economic Sciences, and Faculty of Law. The Erasmus students were the ones who sold the trinkets along with ESNʼs volunteers, forming groups of 5-6 people. The group who sold most of the trinkets were awarded. In all these days, they collected 1500 RON.

Among the most engaged volunteers in this project, Dana Polacec was awarded for the volunteer of the month due to her involvement in the Welcome Week, and Andreea Țoca got the most interactive volunteer and best buddy award, for being so helpful, friendly, and engaged into the A trinket for a book project.

With the money raised we bought books and school supplies which we gave away to children without financial possibilities. The books were donated to Walther Rudolf Association in Timisoara on Saturday, May 16 2015 and thus our mission was accomplished. ESN Timisoara's Star Award winning project "A Trinket for a Book" brought love, warmth and smiles in those children's lives! Last Saturday our volunteers along with a few Erasmus students gave away books to children from Rudolf Walther foster care in Timisoara, and had the opportunity to entertain them as well. The books were purchased with money raised by our Trinket Workshop. The children were well receptive and friendly. We are proud of our kind volunteers, and we hope we managed to inspire and motivate these young souls. 'Cause when you give love, you receive love!

Special thanks to everyone involved in this project and helping us to put a smile on a child’s face!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Halloween in Transylvania

"I read that every known superstition in the world is gathered into the horseshoe of the Carpathians, as if it were the centre of some sort of imaginative whirlpool; if so my stay may be very interesting." - Bram Stoker, Dracula

If you happen to encounter yourself in Romania in plain autumn, especially for Halloween, then a visit to Count Dracula’s Castle is a must! That is what our lovely Erasmus students together with our ESN staff did. In November 2014, ESN organised a trip through mysterious Transylvania, including a tour of Râșnov Fortress, Brașov city tour, and the very famous Bran Castle. The 3-day trip represented the best way in which our Erasmus students could experience the true face of Romania. They were charmed by the breathtaking landscapes and by the medieval castles and fortresses. However, what seems to have been the most enjoyable moment, is – of course – Halloween night.

“Built in the 13th century, Bran is a town 30 km from the city of Brașov. The medieval Bran Castle is a popular tourist destination, because it’s known as home of Dracula in Bram Stoker's famous novel. The Romanian legend tells us that Vlad the Impaler (in Romanian Vlad Țepeș) used to punish people by impaling them. The name of Dracula comes from the coat of arms used by his father, Vlad Dracul, which was in the shape of a dragon. The common people couldn’t correctly pronounce dragon, so it became ‘dracul’. As his son, he received the name, and because of his cruelty Bram Stoker chose him as a character in his novel. Bran Castle was built in 1377 and later it belonged to the royal family of Romania, Queen Marie and king Ferdinand of Hohenzollern. Nowadays you can see here the following: the Music Room, the Royal Bedroom, the Royal Crown, the Scepter, a cinema room, the Royal Chapel and many other royal objects.”

ESN staff and volunteers among the 500 Erasmus students, enjoyed themselves until the dawn in the very house of terror, Dracula's Castle. Dressed up in quirky costumes, ESN Timisoara’s volunteers were present as well. The international students were amazed by the authentic Halloween night they have not experienced before. The following day, our volunteers and students had returned to Timisoara with a lot of memories and stories to tell.

“Once again...welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.” Bram Stoker 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ESN Flag Parade

For the past 25 years of ESN activity, our volunteers have a proven ability to support an international exchange program. Whether it is about a study program or about an internship abroad, of one of the existing European programs (from Socrates, to Lifelong Learning Programs, and Erasmus+), the main approach is based on a strategy that involves intercultural communication, which forms only one of the advantages of these programs.

In order to prove that the integration of the international students was successfully made even after 25 years of ESN and 27 years of Erasmus, the 37 ESN sections throughout Europe organized a Flag Parade, in the second week of October 2014. In Romania, the parade took place in cities as: Bucharest, Brașov, Cluj, Iași, Sibiu, and Timișoara. Flag Parade is not just a regular ESN event. By organizing such an event, we want to show the world how friendly and advantageous is an international environment. It was also a wonderful opportunity for international students to colourfully represent their countries. In Timișoara the event took place on October 16th. The students gathered in front of West University of Timișoara where they had an amazing time face painting their countries’ flags. Later on, they were parading the University campus. The students spent a part of their day rejoiced in their spontaneity. The national anthem of each of participants’ country resounded through the entire campus.
“It is a parade through which students are willing to promote de multiculturalism of an exchange experiences program. Moreover, it is also the 25th  anniversary of the Erasmus Student Network Association”.

     First of all, I am glad to be here and represent my country today together with my friends from Italy and other countries. It is very good to present our culture and I am very glad we have the opportunity to do so.”
    “We are here to represent our country in Flag Parade, for Erasmus Timișoara. It’s very nice to see all the countries together like this”.
These were some of the participants’ impressions while being interviewed by the Digi24 TV Post. The students together with our volunteers had a blast of a day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our ESN-ers among the "elite"

„The organisational system was the best. Very good trainers, and the adequate amount of information made me leave that place with an additional bucket to my knowledge.” - says Claudia, one of our volunteers present at the Erasmus+ training that was held in Bucharest last week.

Here are some insights of last week's events:

1. Bucharest, 8th January, Palace of the Parliament: The Romanian Students Abroad Gala (LSRS -League of Romanian Students Abroad). There were 3 participants from ESN Timisoara: Claudia Petrușe, Oana Liță, and Dana Polacec.
- On this occasion, we would also like to congratulate Antonela Vieriu for receiving the Erasmus Student of the year Award! Antonela is a student at the Faculty of Medicine and Farmacy in Iasi. She was an exchange student at the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany. 

2. Bucharest, 9th-11th January: ESN Romania with the support of ANPCDEFP (National Agency for Community Programmes in the Field of Education and Vocational Training) organized a training for all the Erasmus+ promoters throughout the country.

Our ESN Timisoara volunteers were present as well: Oana Liță and Dana Polacec (local volunteers), and Claudia Petrușe (national project coordinator).

The training program’s objectives were:
- Promoting the Erasmus+ program, its study and internship mobilities, in the Universities throughout the country;
- Disseminating information about the benefits and opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ mobilities;
- Supporting the Community Program Offices in Universities for the organization and monitoring sessions of Erasmus+;
- Developing the ESN SocialErasmus projects – Erasmus in Schools through informational sessions organized in high schools.

The program was based on training the promoters in Public Speaking, Personal Branding, PR, and keep them up-to-date with the newest information considering Erasmus+ program.


The Erasmus+ promoters team consists of 1-3 volunteers from each ESN section of the country + Craiova Candidate Section (CS). We had the privilege to have a Public Speaking training session led by Paul Ardeleanu, the coaching4you trainer and adviser. At the end of the 2-day training sessions, the promoters had their chance to deliver an original presentation about their Erasmus experience. They received a constructive and an appreciative feedback. It was a new and wonderful experience worth its while. It was a successful training!

Congratulations, girls! We are proud of you! Keep up with the good work.'