Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brasov trip

Hello hello! :)

I am happy to tell you that the trip to Brasov it's a done deal!! We manage to find the transport and accommodation for Poiana Brasov, near where the other Erasmus people from Romania will stay. We have a rented bus for all this days for everywhere we will go. 

The trip costs 270 Lei and includes: transportation(to Poiana Brasov, we will also visit Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov), accommodation(2 nights in Poiana Brasov ), the entrance for the big Halloween Party with all Erasmus people(includes also dinner there).

Unfortunately, we could do this just for the 42 people from the list. we are sorry, we did our best, but it didn't depend on us.

Tomorrow at 14:00 we will be in your residence, Camin 13 for you to pay. If someone can't come, please ask a friend to bring the money for you. It is very important that we pay everything tomorrow. If anyone from the list of 42 people will not come, we will contact the others from the waiting list. :) The people from Politehnica University: please come tomorrow at Camin 13 at 14:00!!!

I think this is it.. it's a long post but there is a lot of information :) Sooooo make your plans and pack very warm clothes for this trip (because it's in the mountains and it will be very cold) and bring your best mood! :)

P.S.: don't forget to bring or create your Halloween costumes!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow !!! :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

International Dinner Party

Mmmmm... Something smells good…mmmm… yummy!!!

Yes, that’s right Erasmus students! This Friday, October 21st, INTERNATIONAL DINNER PARTY “smells” and “tastes” delicious! 
Join us from 9pm if you would like to:
- Taste and eat traditional Romanian food.
- Eat traditional dishes from other countries (Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Portugal, Turkey, Germany, Lithuania, etc.)
- Represent your country in “gastronomic” terms (cook something and show others the great cuisine of your country).
- Spend quality time surrounded by friends.
- Listen to good music and dance like Romanians do (and not only).
- Have lots of fun!

All you have to do is:
- Cook something specific to your home country and bring it with you to the party.
- If you don’t have the time to cook, or you’re simply not in the mood, but would like to join the International Dinner Party, the tax for joining is 10 Lei.
- Bring your own drink.

Meeting Point: We will meet in front of the dormitory C13, on Friday, October 21st.
Time: 8.30 pm. We will go there together! Do not be late!
Location: Casa Studenţilor, Timişoara

!!! In case you can only come afterwards, here is a map to help you get there: 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dance lessons

Dear Erasmus students, do not forget that tomorrow, Tuesday (October 11th) we shall meet in front of the dormitory C13 at 19.30, for the two FREE dancing sessions (latin & ballroom dances). We will learn how to dance! Do not be late! :) :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome day

hello hello :D

For all of you who are waiting this Friday for the WelcomeDay, here are some insides :) We will have a lot of fun starting our day with a funny city tour that will help you understand Timisoara and it's people better :) After that, we have reservations at a beautiful place. You can enjoy an open-buffet with pork, chicken and other meat specialties, also salads and fruits for the vegetarian people. You also have special offers for drinks, such as draught beer at 4-5 Ron, 1 bottle of Vodka with Apple juice at 110 Ron, coktails at 10-12 Ron, 1 bottle of Jim Beam and 2 Red Bulls at 120 Ron and other discounts!!! :) We will enjoy live music with a band and after that, of course, partyy!!! :)

so bring your best mood and let's all have fun- Romanian style!! :)
see you on Friday at 16.00 in the City Center!!