Thursday, March 8, 2018

National Platform Craiova, Spring 2018

  It may seem that you only can live in an international environment during your Erasmus mobility, but national meetings as National Platform from Craiova are true reasons to prove that you can have a kind of ‘international’event inside your own country, because being an ESNer involves not only helping the incoming students in your city but also meeting new friends from all of the cities of your country, from all the regions and working and growing together following the same goal.
  During last weekend our great volunteers took part in the National Platform in Craiova. The theme of this event was related to mafia stories so all the mobsters of ESN (Erasmus Student Network)  Romania sections gathered in Craiova to discuss sections’ reports, to highlight some news related to the internal organization and to elect a part of the new members for the national level of ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Romania.

  There were 4 days full of activities, discussions, presentations, and candidacies. Even though the timetable may seem full, it was very useful for our ESNers. They paid attention to all the presentations, asked questions and they got involved in debates even during the coffee breaks. They met volunteers from other sections and changed ideas or tips&tricks which surely are going to be used in the future.
  After all these inspiring days full of emotions and supporting words, the family ESN Romania elected new members for the National Level, who will start their mandate right after AGM (Annual General Meeting) Costa Brava.

President: Anna Maria Alecu
National Representative: Dora David
Treasurer: Mihai Gabriel Damian
ME National Coordinator: Serena Țenea
EA  National Coordinator: Anca Irimia
Web Administrator: Bianca Ștefan

We are so proud that our President of ESN Timisoara will be now a part of the National Level and we wish all the members the best of luck and a mandate full of great and productive moments, of course.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Throwback to Eduk8 Timișoara in 2016

  Eduk8 Starter Timișoara in 2016 – City Guide for a Day

  There are events during your lifetime that you will always remember. These are echoes of some long-ago experiences that you will keep in your mind forever. There are feelings, people, places that had a tremendous effect on your personal development. This is what Miruna, one of the participants in the event Eduk8 Starter in Timișoara, says about her experience in our city.
  "For me and, I can guarantee that for any other Eduk8er, one of these life-changing moments is the decision to attend a Starter. My journey into the Eduk8 lifecycle started with Eduk8 Starter in Timișoara, between the 20th -28th of February 2016. For this edition, 95 applications were received and only 50 ESNers were selected. The amount of knowledge gained was amazing, but the real value of attending this training event was the crushing experience of a true, honest self-discovery. The bold truth you find out about yourself is the result of a week full of pushing boundaries, failure, trial and recovery.
  Timișoara, the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat, was the city-host of the Starter in 2016. I like history so I already had a handful of information about the city. I couldn’t attend the city tour organized before the event, so I decided to book an extra-night in Timișoara to see with my own eyes the historical places and notorious buildings I’ve been reading about. I prepared for myself a short visiting itinerary: Unirii Square, Bega main channel, Liberty Square etc., but at the end of the event I was surprised to discover that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to learn more about the city and missed the city tour. We were a small international group of students and because I was the only one speaking Romanian, I was assigned with the responsibility to become a guide for the day.

  Thus, I adapted my initial route to include also details that might be well-known for us, but interesting for foreigners. 
   Timișoara is a city with such a potential. Personally, I was in love with so many details that could be seen on the building. I liked the different statues that can be found around the city and artistic murals because they give different touch or feeling to the city (Eva, Croatia)

I found interesting to tell them the story of the “first free city”, the city where the first anti-Ceaușescu protest exceeded in ’89. We visit the Victory Square, the place where thousands of demonstrators gathered on 16th December 1989 in front of the National Theatre and Opera House. We moved on afterwards to Liberty Square.
Among the most monumental structures on this square are the statue of St. Mary and St. John from Nepomuk, a Czech Saint - that’s why it was so interesting for me. (Jaroslav, Czech Republic)

The monument of electric street lightning was a sensation. Inscribed in four languages, the street light is a reminder of the fact that Timișoara was the first city in Europe where public lightning was designed and implemented in a general system. 

I love the fact that it was the first city in Europe with electricity. I think it is a great way to promote it. (Eva, Croatia)

Timișoara is a city of roses and parks, also known as the “Little Vienna” because of the cultural life, art galleries, museums and buzzing nightlife.

I remember the main walkway with the handcrafts shops, and the big green park we were in. I loved that it seemed to have a lot of open spaces. (Igor, Croatia)

Descendent of an Austrian military fortress built in 18th century, Timișoara offers its visitors more than military artefacts: Baroque buildings, Secession palaces and monumental building with neo-Romanian elements."

Walking along green gardens accompanied with fountains, street souvenir sellers and pigeons above our heads made an atmosphere of uniqueness there. (Jaroslav, Czech Republic)
The very well organized city tour was closed by sunshining on grass in the centre of the Union Square and drinking tasty coffee in one beautifully decorated café nearby. (Jaroslav, Czech Republic)

Written by:
Miruna Iliescu, ESN UniBuc

Friday, November 3, 2017

Volunteers- the core of ESN Timisoara

In order to grow stronger and to bring a vivid impact on our activities, ESN Timișoara needs an amazing fuel for its engine. This part is represented by our lovely volunteers who took part in a three days training event at Belinț, near Timișoara. This event was financed by the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association (ESAA) and it was held between the 20th and 22nd of October and brought together the volunteers of ESN Timișoara, new and experienced members, aimed to create a highly performing skilled team, with team members motivated and keen to develop themselves and others, using presentations, sessions and workshops.

 Our volunteers had the possibility to acquire new skills, to learn about ESN values, to boost their creativity and to share with the rest of the team their experiences. Bringing them together does not only offer them the possibility to build a solid base for their knowledge as ESNers but also to become a team. They worked together in fulfilling certain tasks, they participated in various presentations and workshops such as Public Speaking and presentation skills, Intercultural communication and working in multicultural teams, Leadership, Project Management, Building your CV/ Cover Letter.
 They were also involved in outdoor activities, karaoke nights and funny ice-breakers which were meant to bring them closer. After a weekend spent together, both the new volunteers and the more experienced ones formed a stronger team, well prepared for the activities we are planning to organize in the future. Also, they would become better prepared for the professional path they want to choose by acquiring a range of skills starting from working in a multicultural environment to time and crowd management.

 Our section is not just an organization, it is a friendly home where our volunteers can grow, discover themselves and share their experiences with the other members. Volunteering has never been so self-awarding! 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New volunteers in ESN Timisoara

Luna Septembrie a fost una fructuoasă pentru campania noastră de recrutare. După două săptămâni în care am urmărit să îi încurajăm pe cei interesați să aplice pentru a intra în familia ESN Timișoara prin testimoniale scrise de voluntarii mai vechi, prin prezentarea beneficiilor pentru dezvoltarea personală și profesională de care un voluntar se bucură o dată trecut de perioada de probă, mulți doritori s-au arătat. Am fost foarte bucuroși să îi primim cu brațele deschise. Entuziaștii voluntari ne-au prezentat ideile lor prin care pot contribui la creșterea familiei ESN Timișoara și s-au implicat în activități precum Welcome Week și prezentarea informațiilor necesare pentru studenții interesați să aplice pentru o mobilitate Erasmus+ la standul din holul Universității de Vest din Timișoara.
Tema recrutării din Septembrie a fost „ESN te duce în teambuilding”. Ne dorim foarte mult ca noii voluntari să înțeleagă mai bine cum funcționează ESN și, mai ales, să ne cunoască pe noi mai bine, să ne împărtășească pasiunile și ideile lor. Cea mai bună metodă de a ne atinge aceste obiective este să organizăm un teambuilding. În perioada 20-22 Octombrie ESN Timișoara se va strânge în satul Bodo, comuna Balinț unde ne vom distra, dar vom și învăța despre ESN, ne vom cunoaște mai bine prin workshop-urile pe care le plănuim. O echipă mai bine închegată se obține în urma unui teambuilding gândit și organizat cu drag. Workshop-urile gândite pentru acest teambuilding urmăresc să pună în valoare și să îmbunătățească abilitățile voluntarilor, lucru ce le va fi de mare folos și pentru dezvoltarea lor profesională.

 ESN Timișoara crește odată cu noii membri!

During 18th of September and 1st of October, ESN Timisoara had a new recruitment campaign that proved to be very successful. Many applicants showed their interest in being a part of our ESN family and we were glad to receive them. During this campaign, we wanted to motivate the applicants to become a part of ESN Timisoara showing them the testimonials that the old volunteers wrote for us and, also, to present them the way in which they can develop themselves spiritually and professionally once the passed the trial period. Their enthusiasm made us very happy. They presented us their ideas which can improve our ESN section and, also, they already took part in some activities we organized at the beginning of the new university year like Welcome Week and giving information to the students who were interested to apply for an Erasmus+ mobility.
The theme of this recruitment campaign was “ESN takes you in teambuilding” because we believe the volunteers are the core of any ESN section. We really want that the new volunteers become aware of how ESN functions and, especially, to know us better, to share their passions and ideas. The best way to fulfill these objectives was to organize a teambuilding. During 20-22nd of October ESN Timisoara will grow bigger through the workshops we plan to have at Balint, near Timisoara. These activities are meant to help the volunteers to develop or to boost the skills they. A perfect moment to get ready for their professional future!

ESN Timisoara grows stronger by the aid of
the new volunteers!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Recrutare de oameni entuziaști

  Să devii un ESNer se întâmplă în urma unei chemări fie de a prelungi mult îndrăgitul sentiment al vieții de student Erasmus, fie dintr-o dorință de crește într-un mediu internațional unde îți poți îmbunătăți abilitățile și îți poți împărtăși ideile. Trebuie doar să începi o nouă aventură la tine acasă! Unor astfel de chemări și-au răspuns și noii noștri voluntari care s-au arătat a fi dornici să se alăture familiei noastre și care și-au arătat determinarea încă de la început. Povești ale foștilor voluntari, ale studenților Erasmus veniți în Timișoara au reușit să stârnească interesul multor aplicanți care, din dorința de a menține spiritul experienței Erasmus sau inspirați de secțiunile ESN din orașul în care și-au desfășurat mobilitățile sau împinși de curiozitatea de a vedea ce înseamnă să fii student Erasmus ne-au transmis din entuziasmul lor doar prin rândurile scrise pentru noi.
  Motivația lor ne-a încântat și ne-am dat seama că acești oameni creativi și dornici să își pună ideile în practică, sprijiniți de membrii mai vechi, vor face ca familia noastră să devină mai bogată atât în experiențe, cât și în planuri de viitor. Fiecare campanie de recrutare răcorește casa noastră și ne sporește spiritul inovativ.
  Ne-am dorit să îi cunoaștem cât mai repede, dar vacanța de vară nu i-a găsit pe mulți în oraș astfel că prima întâlnire cu forțele proaspete ale ESN Timișoara a avut loc doar cu câțiva dintre ei. Chiar și așa am avut parte de prezentări și zâmbete calde care ne-au făcut să uităm de căldura apăsătoare din Timișoara. Cu ceilalți aplicanți comunicarea a continuat online și, pornind de la nevoia de înnodare a legăturilor, aceștia au ajuns să îi cunoască pe cei care au fost la întâlnirea noastră din Timișoara prin organizarea pe grupe ce i-a adus mai aproape și i-a făcut să discute.
  Ce a urmat a fost un brainstorming de idei despre evenimente ce ar putea fi organizate pentru studenții Erasmuși care ajung în orașul nostru, dar și valuri de amintiri din experiențele lor Erasmus povestite într-un group chat. Vă puteți imagina gradul de nostalgie prezent acolo!
  Încântarea noastră, a celorlalți membri ESN Timișoara, va fi și mai mare, deoarece suntem siguri că vor urma niște concretizări fabuloase ale acestor idei și povești. Vom fi răbdători, dar curioși să îi cunoaștem pe toți!

Monday, April 3, 2017

ESN Timisoara - participating in the training on structured dialogue

ESN Timisoara - participating in the training on structured dialogue 

During the weekend 31st of March – 2nd of April, ESN Timisoara took part in a training on public participation and structured dialogue organized by Timis County Youth Foundation (FITT). The training weekend came as a prerequisite before the first draft of the youth strategy for Timis County has to be written.

The main aim of the training was to show the youth associations how they can address to important stakeholders and authorities in issues regarding youth policies using the structured dialogue and three possible methods of public participation. At the moment, the only way of structured dialogue from our county is in the form of public debates that can be held at the Consultative Council for youth from Timis County.

Moreover, the trainer from FITT, Mirela Lupu, argued that public participation represents the right, modality, place, opportunity and support of youth to participate to debates with local authorities in taking the decision and influencing these decisions regarding youth policies. She also presented to the participants three methods of public participation: photo voice, world café (‘cafeneaua publică’) and living library (‘biblioteca vie’).

In the training participated students from different organizations from Timisoara. The present organizations were: Asociatia de la 4 (A4), Basarabean Students Organisation (OSB), Students Organisation from the West University (OSUT), Center for Personal and Professional Development (CDPP), Timis County Youth Foundation and Erasmus Students Network Timisoara. All volunteers showed a lot of enthusiasm and they were involved in the discussions as this was a quite new topic of interest. Also, a strong collaboration between these representing NGOs is expected.

Therefore, during 3rd-9th April 2017, NGOs 
from Timisoara and FITT will be working together and write the resolution of youth strategy for Timis County respecting the characteristics of structured dialogue.  They will try to formulate the main solutions regarding youth policies in Timisoara. This time, the voice of youth will be listened and taken into consideration by important executives of the Timis County.

This article was written by Iasmina Alstani

Sunday, April 2, 2017

T.R.I.P Conference

T.R.I.P Conference 

On the 3rd and 4th of November 2016, ESN Timişoara participated in T.R.I.P. Conference (Trauma and Resilience in the Post-Institutionalization of Children and Youth in the Social Protection System).

During the two days of the conference people who grew up in disadvantaged areas, but who have managed to chart a future professional and personal success shared their stories with the youngsters attending the meeting. 

In the presence of President of Timiş County Council, DGASPC and other local officials have discussed issues related to social impact in orphanages, combating poverty, school dropout of children from vulnerable backgrounds. Also, the opportunity of decentralization institutions was discussed and the problem of trusting NGOs working in this area.

In his speech, Ion Ursu presented the way the County Council and County Neamţ DGASPC involved and support the work of subordinated shelters. With experiences of volunteering in Nepal, he described briefly the social system in Romania.

The conclusions of the discussions were summarized in a report and proposals for improvements will be made to reality after leaving the special protection system. Subsequently, this report will be sent to A.N.P.C.A. Romanian Government and the Council of Europe to be analyzed in the special departments of the mentioned institutions.

The event was organized by Rendo Bot and another students, all young people who grew up in an institutional framework. 

ESN Timisoara was also present and took part in the discussions. 

This article was written by Larisa Lichi and edited by Iasmina Alstani